What We Do

Extraglobals is a worldwide non-exclusive logistics network dedicated to excellence. Whereas other freight networks claim to be the largest or most powerful, TLG focuses on quality rather than quantity. When you choose our company, the reliability and high quality of our services are guaranteed. We serve the unique needs of customers from a variety of industries. Your trust is the most important part of our business, and we aim to build partnerships accordingly.

Air Freight

Extraglobals connections in the air freight industry saves you both time and money. We take the hassle out of the high-priced and complicated game as we search for the most reliable and efficient routes to ensure your shipment is sent on time and on budget. And, with services between Europe and all international trade markets, we can get your shipment almost anywhere in the world.

Ground Freight

We at Extraglobals go to great lengths and can handle any request to help you get your package from point A to point B via ground shipping.Our network of professionals offer long haul trucking with local distribution for the most economical and timely way to ship. Cross province, cross country or across border(s), no location is out of reach

Sea Freight

If you’re moving overseas or just have larger items, we can help. Extraglobals has contacts with all major steam ship lines and we offer service to any major international port with smooth and effective routes. No shipment is too big and our expertise and contacts will save you time and money.